Ashley's art attack

Bless his cotton socks, but we think it might take a bit more than an homemade collage to win our Chezza back. Yes, since Ashley did the dirty Cheryl has officially become 'our Chezza'. Hands off Ca$hpants, this popstar is beautiful and fragile and needs all the positive media spin she can get....

Word on the web is that Ashley has got his sticky back plastic and scissors out and made Cheryl a 'memory book'. He's crammed it full of erm, memorable memories and is planning to present it to his estranged wife at Easter. Perhaps he could combine it with an Easter Egg hunt for extra originality...

The Daily Mail puts some more meat on the bones: 'Ashley is desperate to get Cheryl back for good. He is trying everything. He adores her and let's not forget that Cheryl was madly in love with Ashley. It is extremely telling that neither Cheryl nor Ashley have contacted divorce lawyers yet. Ashley's mother Sue has been trying to reconcile the pair and has acted as go-between, but Cheryl's view is that it is her and Ashley who make the decisions and no-one else.'

How come Ashley gets a say in it?

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