Ashley fears Cheryl is set to spill the beans

Ashley Cole is reported to be living in fear of rumours that his estranged wife Cheryl is set to reveal details of the Chelsea defender’s alleged infidelities in an interview with Piers Morgan.

The truth mongers over at the Daily Star report that Ca$hley has been trying to contact Cheryl in an attempt to convince her not to spill the beans on their four-year marriage.

According to a number of tabloids the Girls Aloud singer is contemplating speaking publicly about her high profile split from the England international on ITV's 'Life Stories' as well as releasing a book about the pair’s failed relationship.

'There is lots of talk that Cheryl's going to reveal the details of their marriage now that they have split,' an unnamed source told the Star. 'But Ashley wants to try to talk her round.'

Cheryl is set to appear on 'Friday Night With Jonathon Ross' but is reported to have pulled out of the scheduled interview with Wossy and will instead just perform her latest single.

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