Ashley consoles...

We'd been feeling a little sorry for national villain Ashley Cole of late, so we're pleased to see that he's getting over Cheryl in true footballer fashion - by shacking up with the nearest busty dancer. Ashley and his new love Sarah Purnell, 23, met in a nightclub. And to make the union even more special, we're told that Sarah is constantly informed by pals, that she's the spitting image of...Cheryl Cole.

A friend of the dancer ran straight to the News of the World to tell of the glad tidings, 'Things are definitely heating up. Sarah is absolutely over the moon about their relationship but has been very secretive about it and hardly told a soul. She spent the first night at his and it was all very romantic. Ashley was a perfect gentleman and treated her like a princess. She hasn't got a bad word to say about him and has defended him when people have tried to have a go about Cheryl or the end of his marriage...he seems to really care for Sarah.'

Hmm, we wonder how pleased Ashley will be with his 'princess', if her pals are already dishing dirt to the salivating tabloids?

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