Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: the Youth Orchestra Geeks from Warwickshire

The third episode of Secret Street Crew, Series 2, is focused on Ashley Banjo's attempts to turn a nerdy bunch of Warwickshire kids from the posh Youth Orchestra (or 'Dorkestra' as one of them points out) into slick street dancers. They want to shock friends and family during a gathering held at the exclusive Warwick School to celebrate the end of the year and some of the students' last moments before they jet off to uni. The high-achieving classical musicians are set to mark the start of their adult life with a spectacular display of swagger-licious confidence... but will the performance be unforgettable for all the right reasons?

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Ashley's expectations are quite high at the beginning: "They are musicians, so that means that they understand music and that goes a long way" he declares, assuming that their passion for music is going to easily translate into smooth movements and agile steps. But reality comes crashing down during the first assessment: if Ethan, Adam, Andy and Emma's awkward dance attempts weren't bad enough, Alana refuses to bust any sort of move altogether, finding it really difficult to spontaneously express herself through dance.

Luckily, they quickly improve thanks to Ashley's choice of shock-tactics. First they are 'forced' to perform in front of an audience of teen street dancers, which in particular helps Emma to overcome the barriers brought about by her dyslexia. Later, Ashley and Diversity crew members Terry and Perri decide that the best way to snap Alana out of her inability to use her body to express her personality - and also to generally teach the crew to let it go and have fun - is to take them in a disco club-like environment, cover them in UV fluorescent paint and make them dance to the beat of some techno-trance music. Reassured by the feeling of anonymity provided by the dark surroundings, not only they really enjoy the experience, but they also learn a huge deal from the confidence-enhancing experiment (and if they end up raving their life away in some full-blown spiral tribe party, we know who's to blame, Banjo).

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: the Youth Orchestra Geeks - Photo Gallery

On the final day, the crew of talented musicians seems extremely nervous despite the huge progress made in the previous week. They pull it together and eventually perform the routine cheered by the 200+ guests to the sound of an inspiring mix of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and 'Express Yourself' by Charles Wright Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band. The stunt is a success and the five-strong crew enthusiastically thanks Ashley and the Diversity boys for the life-changing experience.

Don't miss the fourth episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Series 2, next Sunday 6, April 2013 at 7 PM on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD, which will feature a beer-loving farmers' crew from South Yorkshire.

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