Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew - the first episode of the new series: Wedding in Swindon

The second series of 'Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew' has kicked off last Sunday, and once again the down-to-earth Got To Dance judge has proved that anyone, and I mean anyone, can learn how to be street dancer, and that all the preconceptions people might have about dancing can be smashed with a bit of motivation and some tough training.

In the opening episode of this second series, we see quiet husband-to-be Lee from Swindon seeking the help of Ashley Banjo and the Diversity crew to impress partner Amy during their wedding reception with an energetic street dance routine. Lee can count on four best mates who, despite their reputation of being quite unreliable, have chosen to raise up to the challenge in order to prove not only their friendship to him, but also that they can achieve what they want when they put their mind to it.

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Following a not-so-embarrassing start, during a crucial rehearsal in a bridal dresses shop in front of an army of self-confessed bridezillas, the five-strong crew succumbs to their lack of commitment. And if all that mortification was enough for most of the crew to find the right spirit to deliver a wedding day-worthy performance, it wasn't for one of them, George.

After the bridezillas disaster, we see him struggling to keep up with the training sessions and almost getting kicked out by Lee, annoyed by the the pal's unreliable attitude. Fuelled by the need to be a role model for his young child, George finally shows some determination and works hard to make up for the lost time. Still, it looks like it might be just a little too late to pull it off at the wedding.

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In the meanwhile, an unaware bride-to-be is sorting the last details out, determined to make sure that the wedding day she has planned for the last 18 months goes exactly as planned. When the wedding day comes, the ceremony runs smoothly and the lads manage to keep their secret (and their cool) throughout the day. But when the last notes of Lee and Amy's first dance are about to end, you can tell nerves have kicked in.

Cheered by the guests, the fabulous five then take on the stage executing the challenging routine almost flawlessly, in an inspiring display of determination, fun and new-found swagger. Amy is speechless but happy to see her hubby under a whole new light, all the crew is busting with confidence and the experience is officially classified as a success.

Don't miss the second episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew Series 2, next Sunday 24, March 2013 at 7 PM on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD, which will feature a crew of rugby girls from Worthing.

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