Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: The Firefighters

Only one episode to go before the end of this fantastic season of Secret Street Crew and we can't help feeling a bit sad. Those who have watched it know there's something special about it, that makes it different from every other reality we've seen so far. Ashley Banjo and the Diversity boys with their down-to-earth attitude bring humanity to a field crammed with phonies. And all the 'secret street crews' involved have been a pleasure to watch: genuine, with the same problems and fears of all of us, and yet so determined. It's been a really inspiring journey.

But let's get back to this week's episode, where Ashley takes us to meet a five-strong crew of firefighters from Clacton-On-Sea. Scott, Dan, Dean, Clem and Rick work hard to balance the time between their families and their demanding job, which can be tricky at times. They have applied to 'Secret Street Crew' because they want to show a different side to their loved ones - especially their kids - during a charity quiz event due to take place in three weeks time.

At the initial assessment the firemen display a good potential, with their lack of dancing skills compensated by their physical strength and their jolly disposition. Ashley decides to set the bar high and assigns them the most difficult routine ever on the show, featuring a challenging 'frog splash' as well as flips and a difficult group combination.

Despite the initial shock, the firefighters immediately tackle the training with focus and dedication, but also always with a big smile on their face. Ashley is very impressed by their team work, declaring: "as a group, they are so committed that they would work 15 hours a day if you wanted them to. And if one of them gets stuck, they don't leave a man behind, they really help each other out".

The hard work is paying off and the boys quickly learn the routine. They suffer a small setback when Scott gets slightly injured during a jump and must take some days off training. Luckily, soon things go back to normal and Ashley decides to modify the jump to avoid taking needless risks that can compromise their firefighting work.

With a week to go before the final performance, the boys are lured to a regional dance championship contest where they perform in front of the many street crews competing for the title. They manage to get everyone cheering, but at the same time the public and the judge giving feedback to the dancers (who, if we're not mistaking, was the amazing Chuck from 'Got To Dance') adknowledge they need to step the game up and inject some fun into the routine if they want to be believable as a street crew.

The big day comes and the Clacton-On-Sea boys shock everyone by jumping on stage in their firefighting gear only to strip off seconds later into some very impressive Diversity-style superhero outfits. The performance is an utter success, the public is enjoying every second of it and when LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it" tune starts, everyone just goes wild. The firefighters not only have learned the routine, but they've reached a level where they can easily be mistaken for a professional street dance crew. As the closing titles begin to roll, Ashley declares: "Anybody out there, who tells me they can't do this: look at the firefighters, look at what they have achieved, and then think again".

Don't miss the last episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Series 2, next Sunday 12, May 2013 at 7 PM on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD, which will feature a crew of Edinburgh teachers.

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