Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: Dartversity do Manchester Arena

It's been an amazing season of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew and Sunday's episode was just the perfect conclusion to a fantastic dancing journey. Once again the show proved what great reality TV is all about, pushing people out of their comfort zone to test their aptitude and response to new challenges, in this case dancing. Each week Ashley proved to the public that with hard training and a good dollop of enthusiasm he could teach anyone to dance. And he successfully did that.

The formula of this week's episode got slightly twisted and some familiar faces from series 1 made a come back appearance to perform at one of Diversity's big shows: John, Macca, Steve, Paul and Buck, the Darts Players from Stockport, Greater Manchester. After almost a year from their breakthrough into street dancing, 'Dartversity' (this is the name of the unlikely crew) got called back to dancing duty by Ashley, as promised on series 1, to open the Diversity tour at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

Needless to say that before going on stage to put their skills to good use, the Darts Players had to undergo the usual intense training with Ashley and the boys, and despite the initial enthusiasm, soon come to realise that to pull out a routine in front of 10,000 people they need upping the stakes and work harder than they ever did before.

To the delight of the lads, Ashley and the boys decide to add new elements and spice up the choreography of the old routine, in order to make it more entertaining and more Diversity-like. But the biggest challenge for them soon appears to be timing and synchronisation. Not to mention the difficulty of fitting rehearsal around a tight working schedule.

The problems surface when the boys go to check on 'Dartversity' s progress, just to find out they have been able to learn only a quarter of the whole routine and also very lousily. But Ashley doesn't give up so quickly: “ It's not my job to put down those things and make people feel negative. - he says - It's my job to make them feel empowered and that they can do this. This is my last rehearsal and in my head we're going to do this today.”

So the lads embark, with focus, dedication and a few setbacks (Steve going on holiday to Tenerife), in an exhausting training that brings them to a warm-up performance at the local stadium. Despite their best attempt, even this gig doesn't seem to have the impact nor the highest standard expected by Ashley, who decides to give the lads a last inspiring speech, before the big event. After all his reputation is on the line.

It's make it or break it for 'Dartversity' and the lads decide to give it their best shot with a powerful and energetic last-minute training session. As the Darts Players enter the Manchester arena for the first time on the big day, nerves are going off the roof, but determined to pull off the best performance of their life, they take the stage in front of families, friends and thousands of Diversity fans.

All the hard work and sweat really paid off, as the 'Dartversity' show off their best moves, the public starts cheering and clapping along, while the boys backstage congratulate for their utter success. They might not be professional dancers, but the darts players really put all their heart and soul to the project, proving that (with the help of Ashley Banjo) anyone can dance!

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