Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: The Bible Group

The fifth episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Series 2 begins with Ashley en route to meet five girls from a Bible study group in North London. "There is a common perception that Christians can be really serious and really boring, but I know that's not true. I just hope that these guys don't live up to that stereotype" he says before meeting the group, only to be contradicted seconds later by Gladys, one of the wannabe street-dancers, who candidly declares: "people think that we are boring but as a Christian I have fun".

The bible group has told friends and family that they are taking part to a documentary about young Christians but in reality they will prepare for a shock performance at their local church in front of the whole congregation. Judging from the welcome they give Ashley the first time they meet him, it looks like it's going to be hard for the bubbly girls to keep the secret.

When presented with the routine, the bible group is quite impressed: not only it features some very witty moves, but it also highlights their love of God by being structured around a gospel track. And between a prayer and a song, the girls slowly but steadily tackle the challenging task of learning all the movements.

It's not an easy road though: despite the girls' determination, there are a lot of problems to overcome. To help the process of getting them ready for a live performance, Ashley takes them to West London to meet the Boadicea dance crew, a group of girls whose fierceness had made them one of the most impressive acts of last year's Got To Dance contest. The session works miracles: despite the church girls' initial lack of confidence, they eventually learn from the Boadicea crew how to bring more sassiness and positive energy to the performance.

The final day comes and as usual, the pressure is high. Nevertheless, the girls are so determined in overturning people's perception of Christians as boring - as well as proving to themselves that they can do it - that they manage to pull off a convincing routine, filled with slick moves and new-found confidence. By the end of the performance, everyone in the room is dancing and cheering, and you can tell they are really proud of what the girls have just done. Once again, Ashley and the Diversity boys have proved that "there ain't no mountain high enough" and that anyone can learn how to dance.

Don't miss the sixth episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Series 2, next Sunday 21, April 2013 at 7 PM on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD, which will feature a group of estate agents from Southampton

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