Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew: Boobs and Brass

With still a couple of episodes to go before the end of Secret Street Crew's second season, we follow Ashley Banjo to Northamptonshire to meet a group of ladies over 45. They belong to a brass band called 'Boobs and Brass' and they have called the show because they want to surprise everyone at a church event by performing a street dance routine.

Right from the start, we can tell that one of the biggest problems to overcome is the fact that physical movement after a certain age can be more challenging, and despite the cheeky attitude, it's quite hard for some of the ladies to keep the pace. Embracing the dance style seems quite problematic as well: the Northamptonshire gals have declared that they want to avoid looking like old grannies attempting a 'young people' dance, but each time they try out the routine, they can't help looking uncomfortable and unnatural.

After some tough training, Ashley takes the Boobs and Brass crew to Clapham common, a south London park. Before the trip, the girls have been tricked into thinking that they will have to play music there, but once they arrive they are told to perform the dance routine in front of a bunch of school kids. Despite a fairly good start, they soon crumble under the pressure: steps are quickly forgotten and the clueless-looking ladies continuously bounce into each other. It's a big disappointment, and with less than a week to go it looks like it will all end up in disaster.

On the day of the performance, the brass band ladies are understandably very nervous. It's funny to see their husbands and teenage kids enjoying the event, unaware of what is about to happen. When the Boobs and Brass girls change into the street dance outfits and begin to move to the notes of Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man', everyone is confused. But as the public begins to cheer, the ladies find the confidence to deliver a fantastic performance. Ashley declares that the brass band has made him "110% proud" and once again, he has proved that people from all ages and all walks of life can learn and enjoy street dance.

Don't miss the eigth episode of Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew, Series 2, next Sunday 5, May 2013 at 7 PM on Sky 1 and Sky 1 HD, which will feature a five-strong crew of firefighters.

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