Ashley's £2m US love nest

The Ashley and Cheryl 'will they reunite?' stories have been rumbling along for a while, but despite the fact that the pair have not made a public statement about their relationship, it seems that behind the scenes, things are developing apace. According to reports, Ashley has bought a plush pad in LA, and plans to put Cheryl in it.

A source told The Mirror, 'Ashley’s over the moon that the offer has gone through. He sees it as a chance to make a new start with Cheryl, in a new country, where they can be together and away from daily reminders of his shady past behaviour in the UK.'

The source continued, 'Ashley’s desperate to win her affections and start over. He’s convinced the American home will be the key. He’s hoping they will be an item by the time he starts the new football season.'

Ooh, he's a cunning rat, that Ashley...

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