Arrested Development film - a total tease post

Fans of TV comedy should know all about Arrested Development, what with it being one of the stand-out sitcoms of the last decade and packed full of ridiculous, absurdist humour and wonderfully drawn characters. If you don’t know about it, buy the DVD box sets immediately and give yourself a much deserved chuckle.

News that a film is in the works has been doing the rounds for a while, but not much concrete has come out. However now creator Mitchell Hurwitz has spoken about what might happen with the prospective film, should it ever come to fruition.

What we do know (thanks to /Film) is this: Hurwitz wanted to change the style for the film to a more polished type of filming, but Ron Howard (who does the narration in the TV show) wants to keep it in the same format, and that it will be set largely in prison. Sorry for the tease, Arrested Development fans.

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