Arrest warrant for Lohan quashed

That's right, you heard us correctly. This is a Lindsey Lohan story that doesn't involve her being arrested with a bottle of Buckfast hooked up intravenously to her forearm while driving a Ferrari the wrong way down a California highway. No, this is a story that shows her in another, decidedly not guilty light.

A judge has quashed the outstanding $50,000 arrest warrant for the one-time actress, issued by the Beverly Hills Superior Court which claimed that she had violated her parole by not keeping up with her rehab. Her lawyer told the court that she had just switched programmes, and it was 'much ado about nothing', only presumably without plans to sabotage a 16th century wedding in Sicily.

In any case the judge warned the 22-year-old to make sure she provided proper documentation in future and let her go free, which is a bit of a lame note to end a story on. Sorry.

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