Arquette's 'manly' fling

The Cox-Arquette marriage split was only announced yesterday, but already the gossip wagons are rolling on, significantly helped on their way by David Arquette's frank admission that he entertained a cocktail waitress while married to Courtney.

According to The Daily Mail, David called The Howard Stern show to fill listeners in on the reasons behind the split. He admitted that he'd enjoyed romps with Jasmine Waltz, a cocktail waitress (classic), saying, 'I did have sex with her one time, maybe twice... my sexual encounter made me feel pretty manly.' David also asserted in true Hollywood style that his wife is 'an emotional being' and 'an amazing woman'.

David also told the now probably bemused listeners, that Courtney had also enjoyed her own 'emotional affair' with Brian Van Holt, her Cougar Town co-star.

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