Arise, Prince William of Photoshop

The headline on the front cover of Hello promises us 'The real William'. Just one quibble: despite the fact that we've never had the pleasure of meeting the future King, we're pretty sure he doesn't have bushy black hair in real life (unless he's developed a predilection for Grecian). We shouldn't be too cruel, as the picture was for a good cause - the charidee Crisis, and makes history being the first official royal portrait taken by a civilian.

The photographer, Jeff Hubbard, told Hello Magazine, 'I didn't sleep at all the night before and felt very worried about the immensity of the task. When Prince William arrived, I sensed he was a little nervous too. I showed him the camera we were going to use and once the shoot started we chatted away. I completely forgot who he was. He is a very nice guy and incredibly natural and that put me at my ease.'

A 'natural' guy he may be, but perhaps not in the follicle department...

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