Arise, Dame Kate of Liggerdom

Long gone are the days when Kate Moss was an aloof ice-maiden who refused to speak to the press, and merely communicated through her haute couture wardrobe. Now, she's as chatty as your next door neighbour, happily holding forth on weddings, being a Dame; any subject you'd care to mention. Except Pete Doherty, perhaps...

Kate chatted to The Sun about her dream of bagging a peerage, saying, 'Can you imagine? I'm too young to be made a Dame. A Dame's for old women. Like Margaret Thatcher...I'd prefer to be a baroness. I'd quite like to be Lady Kate. But I'm happy just as I am.'

When asked her views on the royal wedding, Kate forgot her high fashion elitism and gushed, 'Oh I love her! She was so chic and seamless. And just beautiful, it was just as a royal wedding should be. I watched it in the country, with loads of friends and kids who were all crying. There were tears. We were like 'ok, you can marry Harry!'

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