Argie bargie

When Amy Childs left 'The Only Way is Essex' at the end of the last series, fans cried and stamped their feet, screaming 'This is the end!' (warning: may be an exaggeration). Well Arg has now given an interview to calm matters down, saying that the show will be better than ever without Essex's Jordan.

Arg told The Sun, 'In series two she was only in it now and then and series two was just as big as series one, if not bigger. Obviously Amy will be missed but I think from how series two was received it proves the show is more than capable of doing well and carrying on without her being there. I think Amy aspires to be someone like a Kerry Katona or a Jordan whereas the other cast members like myself and Lydia Bright have different aspirations.'

He also addressed the important issue of his temporary split with girlfriend Lydia, saying, 'We realised we weren't interested in dating other people. We had problems that we addressed. Before the show I never had much attention from girls. Then people started throwing themselves at me. Like any 23-year-old boy who is a bit overweight and who never had attention before, it went to my head a little bit and that was a big problem.'

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