Are we allowed to feel a bit sorry for him?

We know that saying you feel pity for Ashley Cole is like telling people you support UKIP - instant social suicide awaits. However, while we definitely didn't give Nigel Farage and his bunch of goons a vote, we have to admit to feeling a mite sorry for Cole. While his soon to be ex-wife goes from Geordie goddess to potential world-dominating behemoth, Ashley is left floundering, with the divorce papers coming as a total shock.

A source told the Sun,'The split has left Ashley in the pits. He thought he was invincible - Cheryl proved him wrong. Ashley believed because of the house and nearly four years of marriage, she wouldn't up and leave totally and so quickly.'

'He thought there would be another chance to sort things out. But the timing of Cheryl filing for divorce is no coincidence. While he is away and concentrating on the World Cup, there will be little opportunity for him to contact his ex wife. Ashley's a broken man. But he knows he has a vital role in the England campaign.'

Hmm - do we spy potential career rehabilitation in the offing, with those last defiant words? We can almost hear the Indiana Jones theme in the background...

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