Is the Twilight couple expecting a baby?

The couple from the insanely successful teen vampire series, Twilight may be expecting a baby of their own. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were at the centre of a maelstrom of rumour yesterday that predicted that the young sweethearts are expecting their first born.

Naturally all suggestions that the on screen / off screen couple were taking things to the next level were denied by ‘sources’ close to the couple, who acted as parents to Reneesmee in the hit films. Neither Stewart nor Pattinson has commented on the rumours.

OK! Magazine started the mill turning as they ran a story that the couple were back together following their public break up due to Kristen's cheating scandal last summer with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders.

But with the reported pregnancy as the joker in the pack, OK also reported that the pair is already planning a "lavish nursery" for the child, and wanted to bring up the child in England where Pattinson hails from. Kristen is also ‘begging Rob to marry her’ according to the oracle of OK.

Some people find the story questionable as Kristen is only 22 years old and at the height of her fame as an actress. She was the highest paid female star in Hollywood this year. One potential, hopelessly misguided reason for the pregnancy could be to supposedly defend against any future infidelities.

Rob and Kristen arrived in Los Angeles after spending Thanksgiving weekend together in London with Robert's family. They had apparently been outraged by Kirsten’s public affair and mealtimes may have been somewhat uncomfortable.

But the real question has to be – with media organisations diving onto the unsubstantiated rumours, could this be a naked bid for free publicity? As the latest and final Twilight film – ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ gears up for release, could there be a cynical publicist chuckling into their mojito somewhere in Hollywood?

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