Are Justin Timberlake and Rihanna secretly dating?

According to the internet rumour mill Justin Timberlake is allegedly getting up close and personal with fellow singer Rihanna.

The trousersnake has been going out with actress Jessica Biel for the last two-years, but the latest piece of gossip over his alleged relationship with Rihanna has again put the spotlight on Timberlake's love life.

An unnamed source told hollyscoop.com that: 'Justin and Rihanna have been seeing each other for the past few weeks,' before alleging that: 'He is really into her.' The gossip monger continued by claiming that the celebrity pair have been hanging out in New York.

Timberlake is helping Rihanna put the finishing touches to her new record which would appear to provide a more innocent explanation for the alleged sightings. However, the unnamed celebrity snitch also claims that the Umbrella singer gave the trousersnake a lap dance at an exclusive New York nightspot.

The musical pair's publicists have refused to comment on the speculation.

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