Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller dating again?

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been spotted out together in New York fuelling rumours that the pair have reignited their romance. Miller dumped Law back in 2006 after revelations that the Alfie actor had played hide the salami with the babysitter.

However, neither Miller or Law have been lucky in love in the four years since they split: Miller had a tempestuous relationship with Law's mate Rhys Ifans as well as a doomed affair with the very married actor Balthazar Getty, while Law, apart from putting an unknown model in the family way, has had no serious relationship since 2006.

Despite a spokesperson for Law denying the rumours after the English actor was spotted with Miller in New York's SoHo district at the start of the month, but the pair were seen again at The Box nightclub on Thursday getting up close and personal.

An unnamed source who spotted Law and Miller at the club described the pair to the New York Daily News: 'They came in together and got a table with a few friends around 1am. At one point, Jude ordered shots for the two of them, and he was egging her on to take one. They were laughing a lot and whispering to each other - it looked like they were genuinely having a good time.'

'Jude's a regular at The Box and a lot of people know him there. So he had a ton of people coming up to say hi to him, many of them female, but he really only seemed interested in Sienna. It looked like he wanted people to see that they were together. They certainly looked like more than just friends.'

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