April Fools?

No, it’s not April 1st (wish it was, we’d at least be basking in 15C of light drizzle) but judging by this piece of PR tat you’d be right in thinking it was April Fools day. According to The Daily Mail none other than Katie Price AKA Jordan AKA %*!*$& is set to guest edit Radio 4’s flagship show the Today programme.

Since 2003, respected public faces such as Jarvis Cocker have guest edited the high-brow news show but it appears KP has been lined-up to lend her ‘editing’ skills. The newspaper quote an unnamed BBC journalist as saying; ‘it is showing a certain contempt for the audience. They are quite a high-brow lot. What are they trying to say - 'we are all hip and trendy'? It is part of this whole celebrity-chasing process that has been going on for ages.’

Whilst a spokesperson at Radio 4 retorted; ‘we haven't finalised the lineup for this year yet.’

Six public figures from all walks of culture are tasked with delivery half a shows worth of content in the week between Christmas and New Years.

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