Appointment Television

A TV tip for those of you who like to watch some weekend telly that isn't a talent show, or some other horrendous bottom wipe of a D-list dancing celebrity gimp-fest, then make sure you check out Louis Theroux's latest documentary A Place For Paedophiles on BBC2 at 9pm on Sunday night.

In it, he visits the Coalinga Hospital in California, a £268,000,000 institution where some of America's most dangerous paedophiles are placed at a cost of £134,000 a year. In it the patients are supposed to be receiving therapy, but 70% of the 800 refuse to take part, and instead engage in a varied social calendar which includes karaoke nights, American Idol style talent contests and table tennis. It's very, very odd, and you have no idea what the point of it all is. Not even the doctors on site feel that there's anything being done other than housing them at great cost.

'Coalinga is the weirdest place I’ve ever been to,' said Theroux to The Sun. 'I can’t quite believe it exists. If therapy was really being embraced by a lot of the patients it would seem workable, but there wasn’t a lot of therapy going on as far as I could see.

'Because so many of them refuse to engage, it means Coalinga is basically a very expensive, luxury warehouse to keep these people off the streets for the rest of their lives.'

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