Apocalypse NOTW

Everyone's favourite grubby tabloid, The News of the World was yesterday axed by Rupert Murdoch's company News International, after the hacking and police bribery allegations engulfed the paper. The news was broken to the 200 NOTW staff by James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks, the paper's former editor, who has managed to remain unscathed, despite being at the helm while mobile phone hacking and bribery of the police for information took place.

A journalist at the News of the World told The Daily Mail, ‘I only saw it on the news and just couldn’t believe it. Then I read the email, but it wasn’t until the sixth paragraph that he spelled it out that we were closing. Everyone was astonished, we were just trying to take it in. People in the office had burst into tears. You hardly expect to be told you’ve lost your job and your livelihood on Sky News.’

The tabloid's former editor Andy Coulson was also arrested this morning as part of police inquiries into the hacking allegations. A source speculated,'If Andy Coulson goes down, he could take some very senior people with him. He must know where the bodies are buried at News International.'

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