Anyone but Mrs Terry...

Abbey Clancy, having found out that her robot-dancing amour is just the latest in a long line of footie cads, has found a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, the shoulder belongs to Toni Poole, Mrs John Terry - the woman who believes in standing by your man, even after the millionth allegation of straying. Couldn't Abbey have hung out with Germaine Greer instead?

A source told The Mirror 'Toni knows how much Abbey is hurting and she wants to do everything she can to help. They seemed deep in conversation and had a drink to discuss where things have gone wrong.'

Describing the tense discussions between Clancy and Crouch (a great detective show name, if ever we heard one), another chatty friend said, 'Peter had a lot of explaining to do but she was not impressed with all his answers and needed convincing that this night was a one-off. Abbey feels humiliated. Just as her career was taking off with lots of TV work she feels worthless. Her confidence has taken a battering. It’s not something that can be fixed overnight.'

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