Anthea Turners into Madge

Dressing up as an A-lister is a rite of passage for celebs further down the food chain. Why? Because it works. Remember when Lorraine Kelly dressed up as Lady Gaga? We still can't tell the difference......

Enter stage left Anthea Turner, dressed up as Madonna. The good girl of Brit telly has admitted being 'hung up' on Madonna since masquerading as her idol for a magazine shoot. Now she's done it for a second time, this time recreating Madonna's iconic purple leotard photo (the er, very crotchey one). Unfortunately, that's as interesting as it gets. 50 year old Anthea then reels off a twee description of her fitness regime to accompany the photoshoot, which threatens to sell multiple copies of this week's Closer. A taster:

'When I go running I make sure I get out of breath for a good half hour. It’s no use just walking the dog, you need to break into a sweat if you’re going to stay fit. I’m not one for yoga, or anything where I’m asked to 'switch off'. It might be great for Madonna’s flexibility, but it’s not for me. I’ve tried it, but I’ve always got a million to-do lists running through my mind, it just doesn’t work.

'I think that 75 per cent of how you look and how you age is genetic, the other 25 per cent you can do something about. I have a bit of Botox now and then because I’ve developed two frown lines between my eyebrows.

'I also had a boob job back in 2004 so I’m not averse to surgery and helping nature along a bit!'

'I’m also finding it gets harder to stay slim and fit as I get older,' she admits. 'I have to watch what I eat more these days. I keep carbs to a minimum and try not to drink much as there are so many empty calories in wine. You hold back the years if you look after yourself,' etc etc etc.

Oy! Wake up at the back.

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