Anthea axed?

The Sun is reporting that BBC3 has decided to axe all their shows featuring the luuurvely Anthea Turner. Apparently, the 47-year-old ex-celebrity presenter no longer fits the demographic of television, sorry, the channel. Demographic? Does this mean they want to appeal to a younger audience, with ahem, younger presenters? No - that couldn’t be it. Anthea’s rep says that the “show has come to a natural end”. That is, it’s dead.

Well, whatever the reason, we say a fond farewell to Tina, if the rumours are indeed true. No more Help Me, Anthea – can you believe it?

Apparently it’s not all bad for Ms Turner, though, as she is reportedly in talks with a rival channel for a new show. So good luck to you, Anthea! Until then, you can carry on ironing newspapers and folding towels...

(Image: from YouTube)

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