Ant McPartlin net worth in 2021 after divorce

Divorce is always costly. For some, divorce leaves them without a home. For others, half their savings disappear overnight. And of course, there's the emotional toll it takes, but the cost is counted in pounds and pence for celebrities. For a massive TV star like Ant McPartlin, the cost of his divorce and the shame he brought on himself over the last few years is something he may never fully recover from.

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The early days

Ant and Dec became best mates on the CBBC show, Byker Grove, when they were 13 years old. They played best buds PJ and Duncan on the hit BBC show, and they used the show's success to launch a pop career. In 1993, they signed a record deal, and over the next four years, they had 14 hop 20 hits. In 1996, they went from acting and singing to presenting TV. Their show, The Ant and Dec showon BBC, won a Bafta and was so popular that ITV came calling.

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Career breakthrough

At 23 years old, Ant and Dec found themselves hosting SM:TV Live and CD:UK for ITV, which were shows aimed at a teenage audience. They acquitted themselves well and were offered the chance to present prime time TV, first with Pop Idol, the forerunner to The X-Factor, and then a year later in 2002 they became the faces of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! and Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. After taking on presenting duties for Britain's Got Talent, they seemed to be on our screens all the time. Perhaps the £15 million apiece ITV contract had something to do with that.

Mega money

The careers and fortunes of the friends have been identical. Neither stepped away from the other to take on additional work, which strengthened the double-act's position when their initial ITV contract needed renewing. They went from earning £2.5 million per year to £6 million each per year from 2007. Not everything they touched was gold. Their roles in the low-budget movie Alien Autopsy were widely panned, and the film made a $2.5 million loss at the box office. Their US game show Wanna Bet was just as poorly received and lasted only one season.

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Car crash

March 2018 was a low point for McPartlin. Public disgrace and humiliation followed the 19th March car accident and his suspension from driving after being caught drunk behind the wheel. He was banned for 20 months and fined £86,000, which remains the highest ever penalty for drink-driving. In August, he took a break from his presenting duties until the following year but confirmed to fans that, "My recovery is going very well and for that to continue having spoken to Dec and ITV, I have made the decision to take the rest of the year off." He returned in January 2019 for Britain's Got Talent and has never looked back.

Net worth

While Declan Donnelly is said to be worth £62 million today, the same can't be said for his partner Dec. The car crash, the time off work, and the bitter divorce have eaten into his massive earnings, so he's now worth between £15 million and £20 million. His ex-wife Lisa Armstrong reportedly took £31 million from him in the divorce, which was more than half of the £50 million he was worth at the time. She has also kept the £5million former marital home in West London, but they're sharing custody of their Labrador Hurley. Thankfully for McPartlin, his ex-wife isn't entitled to any of his future earnings.

Latest contract

Fears that Amazon would swoop in and sign Ant and Dec away from ITV lead execs at the channel to offer the pair their biggest deal yet. The £40 million three-year deal will see McPartlin pocket £6.6 million a year. They will present Britain's Got Talent, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, Saturday Night Takeaway, and their new series Ant and Dec's DNA Journey. A clause in their contract allows for a £50 million three-year renewal if the Geordie pair decide to extend their stay with ITV beyond the 24 years they will reach when this new deal ends.

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