Another toke of the joint ; Cheech and Chong reunite

Joints the size of baseball bats made from 'labrador' poo. Cars spewing pungent weed fumes, it can only mean one thing - Cheech and Chong are back!

The legendary 70s stoners have confirmed that they will be reuniting for a stand up comedy tour. The show, entitled 'What's That Smell sees the lovable stoners reunited after an almost 30 year break from the circuit.

Following the success of their early years, the duo harboured a 'veiled hatred' for each other so strong that they could barely stand '3 minutes in each other's company' without wanting to kill the other - but are now ready for another toke on the bifda. "We've gotten to the age where we don't feel like fighting anymore because the end is a lot closer than the beginning," says Cheech Marin (AP).

While Cheech has fared well since the halycon days of getting baked to high heaven on camera in the name of comedy (he's become a Latin arts advocate and very posh actor) Chong has fared much worse. Tommy Chong spent the best part of 2003 in jail on a 'distributing drug paraphernilia' charge relating to his 'Nice Dreams-branded water-pipe' business.

How well the stoners will be able to pull of the bumbling toker routine now they're middle aged, remains to be seen, but Chong's under no doubt that the world is ready. "I think it's time for a revival of dope jokes. It's a much bigger audience now, it's much more widespread and institutionalized." (AP)

Can't wait. Relive a little bit of Cheech and Chong at their finest in Up In Smoke, then check out their 'Red Neck' stand up routine. Very extremely funny.

Cheech and Chong - Up In Smoke
Cheech and Chong 'The Red Neck'

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