Another pointless Peter Andre story for the archives

It's been at least four days since we had a 'source' or 'friend of Pete' (i.e. his manager, Claire) planting stories in the press, and we were quite frankly, concerned. So imagine our relief when we saw that Peter Andre is alive, well, but a little peeved that he hasn't seen Katie Price's son Harvey for 10 weeks.

Pete told The Sun (he probably has a hotline straight to every celeb desk on every tabloid in the land), 'It's been over 2½ months and I'm missing him so much. I speak to him nearly every day, though, so that helps. Kate doesn't want me to see him until I have a specially qualified nanny she approves of. But I'm feeling really hopeful that I'm going to get to see him soon as I've found a nanny that I think is great. Fingers crossed.'

Yes, fingers crossed Pete - and do let us know the minute you hear anything.

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