Another one bites the Twitter dust

If you’re not on Twitter, then you really should embrace the time-wasting craze. Apart from on Facebook, or rifling through other people's bins, where else are you going to find out what your friends and C-listers had to eat for lunch?

Although Twitter can be used as key tool in gaining key information fast, it is also weighed down by an overbearing amount of boring codswallop. Some celebs such as Mike Skinner and Ricky Gervais figured this out early doors and spared followers their inane chitter chatter. Now Blondie babe Deborah Harry, 64 has quit the social networking site after admitting she’s ‘boring’.

PR Inside broke the story and quoted Harry as saying: ‘I found myself being a complete bore.’ Highlights of her tweets include, ‘We got to our hotel, everybody got ready for the show and we went back on the bus.’ And who can forget this classic ‘I checked in at the hotel’.

Debs, you’ll be sadly missed.

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