Another one bites the dust

Camilla Dallerup was the first to walk out. Katie Price - thankfully became the next quitter, and now the-last-first person to formerly leave the ‘I’m A Celebrity...Give Me Some Exposure’ has been revealed. Bad news for Lucy Benjamin fans: it’s Lucy Benjamin.

The ex-Eastender was asked to leave after she received the fewest votes from the Great British public. ‘Someone had to go first. So it's fine,’ she said. Talking to GMTV this morning she also spoke about her now infamous rat eating incident:

‘It was better than I expected. The rat tasted like chicken it was better than the crocodile feet that we ate. It was such a harmonious camp but apart from the rats at the beginning it turned into a beautiful thing and we all bonded.'

Other highlights of her time in the jungle include, sleeping.

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