Another mossy night for Kate

The celebrities and fellow worthies were gathered to raise money for 'The Children of Palastine', at Jemima Khan's country estate in Oxfordshire, so everyone anticipated a dignified, sombre event. That is, until Kate Moss rocked up. Kate - who for years was obsessed with maintaining her mystique, now seems intent on pulling out the 'drunk/mapcap auntie at a wedding' routine - auctioned herself off at the bash, got up on stage, did some sexy dancing flashing her um, 'woman's area', and smashed a tambourine.

An onlooker told The Mirror,'She was creating havoc and loved going wild on stage with Jamie and Nick. She thought it was hysterical when she broke the tambourine. Still, at least the auctioneer put it to good use and raised £5,000 for charity for it from a generous bidder.'

Kate then leapt off the stage, put on a 'sexy dancing' show for Tom Jones and shrieked, 'Go on Tom, it's your turn next', begging the star to perform 'Sex Bomb'. As we say, textbook 'drunk auntie at a wedding'...

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