Another D-list union bites the dust

In the least suprising piece of celebrity fluff this week, Chanelle (the one who isn't Chantelle) has dumped Jack Tweed (widower of Jade Goody and all round bad egg). Chanelle, who is said to be 'gutted', did the deed after realising that Jack would always be wedded to nights out at top spots like 'Faces' in Essex. She sent him a warning text, but such tactics failed to work, and Jack was seen entertaining other ladies.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Basically Chanelle is about to become a mother. She wants someone who will be there for her and she doesn't feel Jack is in the right place. She's told him to clear up his act and stop going out clubbing, but he refused. Chanelle was also annoyed with Jack after he was seen leaving a club with a blonde woman last week. He told her nothing happened but it just doesn't look good.'

As much as it pains us to say it (we like to see the positive in everyone, obv), nothing about Jack Tweed looks good...

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