Another crack in the crumbling Girls Aloud facade

The state of Girls Aloud is more precarious than the leaning tower of Pisa - one more nudge and the whole, wondrous ediment of pop/cement will come crashing down. This time, it's not Nadine who's causing a ruckus, but Sarah Harding (aka the 'mad' one) who has apparently 'snubbed' Cheryl, by flying to Cannes, not to see Cole but to hang out with Grace Jones and 'network' with movie honchos.

According to the Daily Mail, Sarah said, a little abruptly, 'Not travelling out there. I'm going to party here in Cannes.'

But alas, the evening didn't end well for Sarah - the poor girl was turfed off her table by an imperious Lindsay Lohan (that girl gets everywhere) who wanted to flirt with Dominic Cooper. Hope that teaches you a lesson, Harding. Cheryl would never have you removed from a bash...

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