Another classy idea from Katie Price Inc

Another day, another tacky bid by Katie Price to stir up controversy and make a quick buck. This time, she's come up with the idea of flogging edible make up for toddlers, capitalising on the fury (and inevitable press attention) unleashed by the pictures of her two year old daughter, Princess, wearing fake eyelashes. And guess who's going to front the campaign? Yep, Princess.

With boring predictability, Peter Andrehas let it be known to The Sun that he's fuming: 'Peter's concerns are genuine. He really doesn't think it is right to see a child wearing make-up. He's hoping that it's some sort of joke - or that she sees sense and doesn't ahead with it.'

The genesis of the frankly rubbish idea was filmed as part of Price's reality show, 'What Katie Did Next'. The manager of her perfume brand tells her: 'There will be a lot of PR from this because it can be quite controversial,' with Katie replying: 'That's why I like to do it. For all you haters out there.'

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