Another bub please

Not to be outdone by Brangelina or anyone else with a celebrity power family, the Queen of Pop apparently wants another baby. What's more she wants to give birth to her boytoy Jesus Luz's child the old fashioned way; by growing it in her tummy before having a c-section to get it out. The only problem is that Madonna is 51. Even celebrity reproductive systems don't work for that long. Gulp.

A Sun source close to Madge said: 'She knows that, at 51, it's going to be harder to conceive naturally. But she is Olympic-athlete fit and is ready for the challenge.' (Madge has already been spotted consulting fertility doctors....)

Has La Ciccone lost it? Is a newborn baby really what she needs when she's just slipping into the cosy twilight - sorry, cougar years, with a hot manboy on her arm and four photo-op perfect kids already in the wings? We're all for reinventing the wheel Madge but, actually, we aren't. That said, a newborn baby won't exactly chain her to the changing mat - Madge famously once said she's never changed a nappy.....

Well, if dirty nappies and baby sick won't put her off, perhaps Madge should spare a thought for poor Brange. They'll be forced to reproduce/adopt again just to keep up with the Joneses - and they're apparently headed for divorce. Yikes. Don't do it Madge.....

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