Another acidic put down

It's one thing dishing out acerbic put downs to wannabees on the show, it's another insulting Alesha Dixon. The ex Strictly Come Dancing darling found herself on the forked end of Simon's tongue during auditions for Britain's Got Talent recently. Alesha - a judge on the show - told a dance group she had previously worked with that their audition 'hadn't let her down.' With standard Simon tact, he retorted, ''What a silly comment to make. That’s a silly thing to say, Alesha,' before breaking the cardinal rule of celebrity and asking, 'who are you anyway?'

According to the Daily Mirror, Alesha elegantly styled it out before tearing strips off the dark lord of reality tv backstage.

'Alesha obviously felt slighted. Everybody could tell because she clammed up and looked really embarrassed. Simon was reclining in his usual manner and didn’t seem bothered that he had just caused so much upset.

'Alesha was determined not to cause a scene in front of the audience but she really let rip behind closed doors. 'It was humiliating for Alesha that Simon suggested she is a nobody.'

Camp Simon on the other hand say that it was all just a bit of friendly banter (not to mention valuable press attention too.)

Alesha was lured to the BGT judging panel from Strictly Come Dancing in a £350,000 bid by Simon. But as with any female judge on one of Cowell's shows, the prospect of being unceremoniously given the boot is never far away.

It's almost enough to make you value a good old nine to five....

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