Annoy the Ex-Factor

The Kelly Brooke/Danny Cipriani post break-up PR war seems to be hotting up nicely. While our Kell's been pictured looking delectable in skin tight numbers, and out with a Glee cast member (2-0 Kelly), Danny has not taken this lying down. Two weeks ago he was linked to our favourite jail-bird Lindsay Lohan, and last night bagged himself an XFactor winner, in the comely shape of Alex Burke. We think that makes it a draw...

An eagle-eyed bystander surmised , 'It was obvious where it was going to end.' While the party's promoters weren't about to lose a prime opportunity to get some free publicity, gossiping, 'They were laughing and giggling all night and it was obvious where it was going to end. They did some grinding on the dancefloor before returning to their table - and that's when Alexandra made her move. She pulled Danny off the sofa and gave him a full-on snog.'

We can see this beautiful friendship lasting ooh, at least two cycles of Closer, Nows and OK!

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