Anne Robinson's on air bap feel

16 disgusted couch potatoes phoned up the Beeb for a rant after Anne Robinson invited a contestant to have a feel of her boobs live on air.

The Weakest Link celebrity edition looked frisky from the start as Anne encouraged some high octane flirting with pro wine taster contestant Olly Smith.

Laying on all his seductive charm, Olly told Robinson 'if you were a wine you'd be smooth and full bodied", before really going for broke with "you're terrifying but in a sexy way". But at this point Anne took umbridge at being called a fuller bodied lady and challenged Smith to step forward like a real man and have a cup of her babbage to prove it. To which Olly rubbed his hands in glee - and stepped up to the plate.

Viewers gasped. 5.5 million people didn't complain. But because 16 people are Disgusted In Tunbridge Wells, Anne's been given a right good ticking off and been ordered never to try spicing up her tired old gameshow ever again.

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