Anne Hathaway's an SNL smash

Last week it was Scarlett Johansson, this time it was Anne Hathaway's turn to demonstrate that she's gorgeous, funny, talented, and a great mimic to boot. Not that we're in any way jealous. Oh no, not us! Anyway, Anne took on a host of familiar characters, from Katie Holmes to a random crazy lady, to our own future Queen-in-waiting, Kate Middleton.

The sketch involved William introducing Kate to his family, who turn out to be (ho ho ho) completely nuts. After being told the news that Kate and William are to wed, the Queen hoists up her skirt and says, 'Is this what you want? You've seen our set up here and you like it little girl? You think you can just show up and take over and do a bit of Queening?' Prince Philip then says, 'You want a piece of our palace action eh? We're not talking about salad forks. This is not The Princess Diaries. 'When it comes to stuff at the palace, don't be asking questions like 'Where did you get this vase?' or 'Where's that throne from?' Cos chances are we nicked it.'

If you think that this sounds a little like the hilarious 'revues' that you used to pen at school, well, you'd be right. Perhaps this was a hurried last minute addition in a bid to be topical. Watch the other clips, especially Anne's version of Katie Holmes for proper (almost) belly laughs...

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