Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host Oscars

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were a huge hit at last year's Oscars, bringing in a record 41 million viewers - however, organisers have decided the the veterens are just too damn wrinkly, instead 'plumping' (geddit?) for youthful sprites Anne Hathaway and James Franco. A talented pairing, but we're going to miss old Al and Steve (as we call them).

Oscar producer Bruce Cohen gushed, 'James Franco and Anne Hathaway personify the next generation of Hollywood icons - fresh, exciting and multi-talented. We hope to create an Oscar broadcast that will both showcase their incredible talents and entertain the world on February 27. We are completely thrilled that James and Anne will be joining forces with our brilliant creative team to do just that.'

What do you think? Desperate grabbing for the youth vote, or a brave choice?

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