Anna Raps-away

Anne Hathaway is a lady of manifold talents; not only can she pretend to be other people, look fairly ace in a cat-suit, and host an awards ceremony with a stoned man, the Hollywood star can also pen raps. Anne showed off her rapping skills in an interview with US chat-show host Conan O'Brien. Hathaway is currently promoting her new film, 'One Day' based on the squillion-selling book by David Mitchell.

Anne got into the Jay-Z zone and impressed the audience with her insightful analysis of celebrity culture, rapping, 'Yo I’m a paparazzi, I don’t play no Yahtzee. Pop pop pop pop pop, my camera’s up your crotch. Don’t call me scuzzy, making money, that’s my job. Don't act so hotsy-totsy, b****, I know that you from Jersey. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, scream all you want, won't make me stop.'

In an interview with Conan O'Brien, Anna reassured viewers that she wasn't too glam to play the role of gawky student Emma in One Day. She told Conan, 'I was cripplingly shy in certain areas and uncomfortable with being the center of attention. So I really related to Emma's insecurities.' The self-deprecating actress also admitted that she was forced to lose weight and tone up in preparation for playing Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's Batman. She said, 'I was a lardass before I started training for Catwoman. But now I train six days a week for up to six hours a day. I wake up and do Bikram yoga and high kicks. It’s a big commitment.'

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