Anna Nicole Smith: bumped off?

It's been over three years since the untimely demise of big hearted and breasted Anna Nicole Smith - so you might conclude that enough time had elapsed for the world to leave her in peace. Not so - a new book has just been published, dredging up all sorts of crack-pot theories, with the catchy title, 'The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith'. Ooh er indeed.

The book is the handiwork of former judge, Larry Seidlin, who presided over the TV hearing, looking into the deaths of Anna, and her son Daniel. Larry claims, somewhat hysterically, 'I think there was foul play and it should be investigated by an independent agency, I think enablers should be punished. How about keeping her off drugs while she was alive? He was with her every day; how about saying no, and if she kicks your ass out, then goodbye and good luck.'

Larry ends with the immortal line, 'We won't have all this celebrity blood on our hands.' Yes, it's so much harder to clean off than your common-garden civilian blood...

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