Anna Nicole

So we’ve just seen the unofficial trailer for the new Anna Nicole Smith “indie” biopic, entitled Anna Nicole. And… it’s teeeeerrible. It could almost be terrible in a good way, but Anna Nicole Smith died not that long ago, so we can’t laugh at it … too much.

The film stars Willa Ford (whooo?) as Anna Nicole who sounds more like the bride of chucky than Anna Nicole. It all looks more like a cheap 70s porn movie than a tribute to a dead star – complete with cheesy music and awful wigs. Is anyone actually going to pay to see this? Normally the die-hard fans will go and watch anything, but this is just insulting…

Come on! They could’ve spent more than 25p to commemorate this woman’s life on film. Hey, we would’ve given them a tenner if they said they’d buy better wigs!

The funniest thing perhaps is the creepy voiceover’s announcement that this is the “most anticipated movie of the year”. Purlease…

(Image: from YouTube)

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