Aniston the 'homewrecker'?

Jennifer Aniston has enjoyed a reputation, post Brangelina-gate, for being the innocent, wronged woman. Pick up any Aniston article at random, and you can bet your life it'll begin 'Poor Jen, why can't she keep a man?' Well, it appears that the tables have turned, for it transpires that the actress is now a scarlet-woman, who tempts men from their girlfriends without a second thought. Yes, the media sure love their polarised approach to characterisation. Jennifer apparently met her current squeeze, Justin Theroux while he was still living with his ex-girlfriend, and the ex only moved out of the house last week.

A source told The Daily Mail,'Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment.'

Hmm, she might be more inclined to comment once the tabloids start waving their cheque-books...*cynical face*

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