Aniston in a Twitter over Mayer's constant tweeting

Just as Facebook has been used to announce the bust up of many a relationship, Twitter is doing the same - only faster and with only 140 characters to deliver the killer punch.

Well now Jennifer Aniston is blaming the mini-blogging site for her recent split with singer John Mayer. The singer/playboy reportedly gave Aniston the heave ho after getting back from tour, claiming he just didn't have time to get in touch with her.

However during this 'busy' period, Mayer still managed to update his Twitter page three million times a day telling followers what he'd had for breakfast, the size of his toenail clippings, how much fluff he'd just picked from his belly button etc etc. Aniston, furious that Twitter had taken precedence over their relationship promptly let slip to the nearest tabloid (by way of a source) how mad she was. "Jen was fuming. There he was, telling her he didn't have time for her and yet his page was filled with Twitter updates."

In possibly the grossest post break up message ever, Mayer recently tweeted 'this heart didn't come with instructions'. It did come with a big lump of stinky cheddar though. John, that was awful.

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