Angelina pregnant with seventh child?

Well well. She's only dropped and now, if Stateside gossip is reliable, Angelina Jolie is up the spout again. In Touch weekly (who claim to have exclusive access to Brange) will be flogging next week's issue on the back of shock headline 'Angelina pregnant with seventh child, but why doesn't Brad seem thrilled?'

Hmmm. Lets hazard a guess. Still adjusting to the fact that in the space of 2 years he's gone from having no kids, to 6 - and now potentially a seventh, in fact so many kids that they can't even be papped together because they wouldn't fit in the photo? No, that's a beautiful celebrity thing to do. Ok, once the most sought after man on the planet he now spends his days wearing breast pumps while wiping up continuous splatterings of baby poo? No, that's what the nanny's for.

Why else would top FILF Brad be peeved about another baby then? Who knows, who cares! The only interesting thing about Brange being up the duff is that they may well be headed for the Guinness book of records Fastest Breeding Celebrity Ever title - only 7 more to go and they'll be knocking Mia Farrow off top spot. What do you think, will they make it to 14?

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