Angelina Jolie : very dodgy music video

Trying to carve a career as a serious A lister usually means at least a couple of years in the wilderness starring in soft porns and low budget music videos. And even a big hitter like Angelina Jolie is no exception.

A video of Jolie is doing the rounds on the net in which she stars as Antonello Vitelli's love interest in a creepy Italian cover of Crowded House tune Don't Dream It's Over.

In the vid Ange and Antonello snog passionately and with tongues - overall Jolie doing a fine impression of looking like she actually fancies Antonello. Until she dances round a fire in a conical bustier getting off with someone else and the thwarted Italian Stallion has to fight for her back that is!

Lucky Ange isn't so cash starved these days.

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