Angelina Jolie : 'upset' about drugs den video

Oh dear. Angelina Jolie is 'very upset' that her drugs den video was released right when she was in Cannes - and before she'd even had chance to break it to Brad.

The timing was miserable and "it is a part of her life she doesn't want to be associated with" a source said of the video which has left Ange ruuing the day she ever got famous. .....Or ruuing the day her UN ambassador/yummy mummy/moral crusader mask slipped and the world was once again reminded that she's mad as a box of frogs?

In their defence The Sun say they released the video as an example of Ange's amazing transformation, from drug den scuttler to exceptional human being and model MILF - and not because they wanted to sabotage Brange's sojourn in France. But whatever the reason Brangelina's not happy.

Least it's not as bad as Ange's music video - now that was an image killer.

Check out the trailer for Brad Pitt's new film - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Brad plays an old codger who falls in love with Cate Blanchett - looks good.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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