Angelina Jolie; the mystery of the backwards dress

If you've ever crawled into work after a destructive night on the sauce wearing your clothes backwards then you'll sympathise with Angelina Jolie.

Raging fashionistas have called the star to account after she allegedly wore her dress backwards at the SAG Awards on Monday. The dress (a floaty blue, kimona creation) should have showed off a dangerously plunging neckline but a canny Jolie inverted it so her front half was demurely covered while her back took centre stage. Jolie claimed she committed the crime in order to show off the tattoos on her neck - a series of Matrix inspired bar-codes made up of her children's 'coordinates'. No we don't know either.

Comments against the stunt have ranged from 'outrage' and 'disbelief,' to glee that a beauty like Ange could have reduced the god-awfully sexy creation to mildly frumpy toga in one fair swoop. Yes folks, that really is the breaking news of the day....

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